About Us

Kiri is from Maryland, right outside D.C. She went to Oberlin college, got 2 degrees in 2 fields that she is currently not working it, spent a year working with outdoor education, then moved to Tanzania to work with a study abroad organization.

Mike is from Wisconsin but spent his time studying abroad in Kenya living with two homestay families who became his actual families and has since found it difficult to leave. He also worked in the outdoor education field before moving back to Tanzania, then Kenya, then Tanzania again to work for this same study abroad group.

During both of our times with this oganization, when we weren’t monitoring the students lives, health, and safety, we were dreaming up trips. Hiking Kilimanjaro (never happened), touring the rest of east africa (did happen), cape town to cairo (not yet), Ethiopia (yes but seperately), New Zealand, backpacking South America, the list goes on and gets longer every time either of them is on googlemaps. Through their travels to date they have developed a total faith in the disorganized power of African public transportation, reliance on food sold by the side of the roads, pounds of dirt and mud caked into their boots, and a great desire to keep going.

So this is it- everywhere we have been, are going, and where we want to go. You can come along with us, see how we did it, learn from our mistakes and never make them (or do because, you know, it was a good story).


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By bikes, boots, or buses- how did we get here?

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